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Genghis Khan’s heirs – the return of the Silk Road?

ASIAN Monitor - Berenberg Bank Newsletter

More and more investors are looking to invest in listed companies in the countries along the Silk Road, such as China, Mongolia, India, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Turkey. The region is being acclaimed as the missing link in the global value chain and is considered to still have largely untapped investment potential. The fact of ... Weiterlesen...

Inflation in Asia? – Remarks on China, India and Japan

ASIAN Monitor - Berenberg Bank Newsletter

It was forecasted for the Year of the Rabbit that the excessive prices would level out and that stock markets, in China for example, would consolidate. 2011 is also supposed to see robust growth in South East Asia. The reality, however, is that Asian markets have had an unexpectedly rocky start to the year, with inflation being among the main ... Weiterlesen...

Asia forecast – Tiger vs. Rabbit

ASIAN Monitor - Berenberg Bank Newsletter

The Year of the Tiger (2010) was a great year for theworldwide markets, and for the Asian markets in particular. The financial crisis reduced growth all over Asia as it had done elsewhere. Despite some apocalyptic forecasts for 2010, the Asian markets staged a strong comeback. China overtook Japan as the second biggest economy in ... Weiterlesen...

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